Communication Server
  • Full featuresbrowser based mailing application
  • Mail should be accessible from outside of business premises.
  • Integrated Anti-Virus protection through reputed anti-virus tools. This anti-virus should be updated daily.
  • Mail access through any browser on any platform.
  • Should be supported on Win NT, Win 2000 server, etc. (Optional LINUX)
  • The server component should able to send and collect the mails through Internet with scheduler, it also should support lease line, dial-up, proxy connections.
  • Multiple POP3 mail accounts management.
  • Should have internal SMTP server to send the mail over Internet.
  • Should have e-cards, calendar, reminder, notice board and customizable templates facility.
  • Easy and remote administration.
  • Facility to create unlimited E-mail aliases on a single POP3 account.
  • Mail arrival notification (Pop-up) facility.
  • Enhanced administrative control over the system. (Like analysis, reports etc.)
  • Should support internal (within organization) as well as external accounts.
  • Mail auto forward/reply, mail find/search and personalized mail box facility.
  • Easy global address book and customizable personal address book features.
  • Should have proper/easy backup facility.
  • MS Word like mail editor with spell-check and text editing options.
  • Should support any type of mail attachment.
  • Incoming and Outgoing mails should be checked through its anti-virus software and virus affected mail should be blocked/deleted and the action should be mailed to sender/recipient and administrator.
  • Person can not e-mail if he exceeds his account size.
  • Person can not e-mail if he exceeds his account size.
  • It should have accounts grouping and messaging functionality.
  • Installation and setup of the mailing system should be easy and well documented.
  • Quick and easy support for the system is required.
  • Should be able to detect/correct duplicate and internal /external recipients.
  • Auto fill facility should be there for mail id.
  • Should be set as default mail client on PC.
  • Detailed documentation for operation, administration and error handling.
  • More powerful security like NT authentication.
  • Database migration should be possible to/from other reputed mailing systems.
  • Mail can be downloaded from individual user’s personal Email boxes, as well as one or more common mailboxes,
  • Personal text signature facility that will be appended to all Internet mail.
  • Facility for management users should be there to forward all their messages to an external Internet mailbox.
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