Communication Server
What is SecuraNET Communication Server ?
SecuraNET communication server system is designed as an out-ofthe box communications and collaboration system. It is based on our SecuraNET OS hardened operating system. Here there is no requirement to purchase, install or have expertise in operating systems. Communications Server is a Mailing System that is administered thru a web browser.
It meets the requirements for small and large organizations with easy deployment, administration, support, reliability, stability and scalability. Messages can be sent and received thru email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and we ship it along with our SecuraNET Virtual Office a web interface to access and send emails, store files (even remotely), manage schedules, notes, news, company portal, address book. All this can be configured to be available to the user even remotely from outside the network with proper authentication. This centralized solution can benefit even organizations with branch offices at remote locations. This solution supports both internal and external emails.
This system supports POP3, SMTP (has its own SMTP engine) and IMAP. It can be configured to receive emails directly from the internet or download it from your provider and even supports catch all accounts. ISP connections supported are leased circuits, DSL lines, RF connections, cable connections.
Communicator has all features that help you with active messaging. This component has your inbox, compose, folders, search, spam filters, address book and also bookmarks* for you to store your favorite URLs for reference. This ensures the availability at all times from any machine and browser. Resources value added resources for collaboration like Meetings, Calender (can be shared with other users or groups), News, Essential Downloads, Notes, Tasks.
Personal files can be accessed that are stored on the server thru the browser, users personal password can be changed to a new one and also corporate chat is possible.
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